About Us

In mid-1946 a group of local World War II Veterans met with the intention of forming a Post of the American Legion. Application for a charter was submitted at a meeting on August 13, 1946. At this meeting, held in the basement of Roselle School, Northwest Du Page, Post 1084 came into being.

The first officers were elected on August 24, 1946. On September 10, 1946, by-laws were approved; and on October 19, the new Post held its first installation. Roselle Country Club (later called Golden Acres and now called Schaumburg Golf Course), where the installation was held, had been donated for the occasion.

Early meetings were held in public schools in Roselle, Bloomingdale, Keeneyville, and in the village halls of Roselle and Bloomingdale. Beginning June 1947, the village hall in Bloomingdale was the site of meetings. This location continued to serve the Post until January 1950. The next regular meeting place was DeWulf’s shop in Roselle. Meetings were held there until October 1951, when the location was shifted to Bill’s Barber Shop. Bill’s continued to be the meeting place until the present Post home was occupied.

A building committee formed in July 1947, with the assigned task of finding a site and providing a permanent Post home. After a couple of false starts, the site now occupied was selected and purchased for the grand sum of $1500.00 on December 8th, 1950. The first recorded Post function on the present property was a picnic held in August of 1952. In February of 1954, plans for the Post home were drawn, by Waldo Svenson. Bids were received in May and construction proceeded. Post Members did much of the work on the grounds and building.

With construction completed, the first “Paint-up Party” was held on November 14 and 15, 1954. The first meeting in the present Post home was held on November 23, 1954. On January 11, 1955, 18 members were initiated into the Legion at ceremonies held there. The final $500.00 in bonds for construction of the building was paid off in August 1969.

The Post home is open to organizations, which serve our community, and its residents. The Lions Club, Jaycees, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Little League, and Civil Air Patrol are among those who have used the Legion’s facilities. The Post Sponsored Boy Scout Troop 55 for over 20 years. During 1965 and 1966 the Post sponsored a Civil Air Patrol Squadron.

Every year since 1947, the Post has sponsored one or more boys to Premier Boys State. Since 1954 the Post has presented awards to 45 graduates of 12 schools in Roselle, Medinah, Bloomingdale, Keeneyville, Hoffman Estates, and Schaumburg.

Post 1084 had it’s 25 year charter in 1972. There were 15 names on the application for temporary charter in 1946, 52 names on the permanent charter issued in September 1947. In 1972 the membership consisted of over 200 Veterans from four periods of armed conflict in our Nations history. Through the 1970’s, WWI Veteran’s began to pass on to Post Everlasting. WWII and Korea Veterans supported the Post and soon Viet Nam Veterans began to participate in the Post. With ever increasing costs due to taxes, insurance and other miscellaneous expenses, the Post used fundraisers such as New Years Eve Party, St. Pat’s Party, Halloween Dance, Turkey Trot and of course Friday Night Fish Fry’s, in order to make ends meet and still be able to support community events such as the Rose Parade and the annual Summer Carnival (held in the back lot behind the Post building).

On November 15, 1981, the Post entered into an agreement with the Village of Roselle to lease the back lot to the village for use as a commuter parking lot. As part of this lease the Village upgraded, paved, and landscaped the back lot. The income from this lease helped to cover some of the expenses of the Post, through the 1980’s and 90’s.

As more and younger Veterans from Viet Nam became active in the Post, the need for expanding and modernizing the Post home became apparent. A committee was formed, plans were discussed and an architect, A.A. Bonavolata, was chosen to draw up the plans. With Jerry Macko as general contractor, and with the help of many members and friends who were contractors and tradesman themselves, the present building took shape, and it was finished with minimal expense.

The American Legion Auxiliary increased it’s membership and activities as new, younger members began to participate. On February 12, 1998, a charter was endorsed and approved for the Sons of The American Legion, Northwest Du Page Squadron 1084. This added new strength to the membership and the American Legion family. The SAL (Sons of The American Legion) has participated in the American Legion Color Guard and other American Legion events.

The Post 1084, American Legion Family now has a combined membership exceeding 350.