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American Legion Post 1084
Shooters Club

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Shooting Sports Club of Post 1084 is to provide our members with a fun and safe environment, where every member can individually or collectively dedicate themselves to being a fine representative of the shooting community family.

We will continue to provide a professional approach to shooting and camaraderie to all of its members, fostering new ideas, innovations and growth.

Our Motto: “Persevering and Moving Forward”

President & Team Captain – Pete Platt

All of our shooting activities are drawing some of the most talented shooters I’ve ever seen.  The teams of Post 1084, 690 and 888 are all displaying very consistent and accurate shooters.  Post 1084 continues to hold the lead; however, Post 690 is edging ever closer to taking over the top position with their great pistol skills.  We are very proud of all of our participants for showing great sportsmanship, as well as, all of the safety protocols we enforce.  Without safety, we wouldn’t be shooting.

With all of the recent requests for membership, we had to take a hard look at our direction.  A cap had to be put into place to assure the current members that they will always be provided with the opportunity to participate in all our events.  As unfortunate as it may seem, the caps had to be initiated.  We can only accommodate so many at the events.  A notice will be posted if we lose members or vacancies appear.

The CMP has, for the most part, run out of rifles to sell.  M1 Garands are getting very difficult to obtain and the ones  that are out there are going for high numbers.  Hopefully all the proud owners of “the finest battle rifle ever made”, will treat them well, and use them to hone their rifle skills as our fore fathers once did.

We now have several club members who have been assigned to service our Web Page, and keep it updated with information and new pictures.  Hopefully, through these new procedures and enhancements, it will help promote Post 1084 in a most positive way, and keep our American Legion Post at the forefront of being the best in DuPage County.

Shooting Sports Staff – 2016

President & Team Captain – Pete Platt
Vice President – Gary Zalewski
Secretary – Ed Hewson
Treasurer – Greg Hull
WebMaster – John Schofield


For more information, contact:

President – Pete Platt


Marksmanship; An American Heritage


M1 Garand Match – 2014

AR-15 Rifle Match – 2014

Pistol Match – 2014

M1 Garand Match – June, 2013

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