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American Legion Post 1084
Shooters Club 

Mission Statement


The shooting club was founded many years ago by Past Post Commander, Dan Hendrickson. Today we carry on the traditions brought forward and with the commitment and camaraderie of its members; we have built the shooting club to what it is today. The purpose of the Shooting Sports Club of Post 1084 is to provide our members with a fun and safe environment where every member can individually or collectively dedicate themselves to being a fine representative of the shooting community. Whether it’s sharpening skills for target shooting with a rifle or pistol, being an active collector or gunsmith, the shooting club welcomes all members, regardless of their skills. We will continue to provide a professional approach to shooting and camaraderie to all of its members, fostering new ideas, innovations and growth of membership.

 Our Motto: “Persevering and Moving Forward”

Peter Plat – President and Team Captain

 Current Officers of the Shooting Sports Club Post 1084


President and Team Captain – Pete Platt

 Vice President – Bud Hainaultg

Secretary and Web Master – John Schofield

Treasurer – Greg Hull


Marksmanship: An American Heritage


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President – Pete Platt


Marksmanship; An American Heritage

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